Creating sustainable paths to happiness within young people


of school leaders report an increase in students experiencing anxiety or stress, and low mood or depression over the last 5 years


of young people said that they would like their school or college to teach them more about how to look after their mental health


of young people say that exam pressure has significantly impacted their mental health


"We are very happy about the work Tom did with our son. He quickly built a strong rapport and made everything feel very engaging by the range of activities used during the coaching. Our son really appreciated having someone that he felt comfortable discussing how he felt and working with someone that ‘got him’, like we do. As a result, his relationship with us has improved and he has made some really positive moves at school and with his peers."

Mel ~ Parent 

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Wellbeing coaching and mentoring is a very personal experience and is unique to each individual. Whilst the vast majority of young people will find the MINDmatter approach a positive force in creating real-life and sustainable change, it would be short-sighted to say it is right for everyone! 


 Whilst I am a real advocate for face to face contact, sometimes schedules or global pandemics make this tricky. Therefore, it may occasionally be appropriate to have a Zoom or Skype call to see if there is a connection  and check that moving forward is in the best interests of all parties. We can then focus on developing positive change within a supportive framework.

That’s me in the picture (on the left)…well how else do you teach about bacteria?


But let’s give some context. This experience with a charity partner way back in 2014 was probably the moment I realised I could connect with young people. As well as working with communities and local government to improve health, hygiene and sanitation, I began to believe that we had a secondary purpose: to emotionally invest in people and young people. In many aspects we helped each other grow and I was certainly a different person on that flight home. I felt immensely rewarded, making a positive difference to young peoples' experiences and maybe in some small way, changing lives. 

Since then I have worked in schools in a variety of different roles, the one constant being the connections and relationships built working with young people. Mentoring work and pastoral care have been hugely satisfying elements of my job, and are the areas that I increasingly wanted to develop moving forward.