An online programme that has parents and children at its core

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Over the course of six, weekly sessions, parents and carers will cover a broad range of topics designed to equip them with the relevant skills, confidence and understanding to support their child's wellbeing. We can't promise a silver bullet but we can provide the tools to reset, build upon and nurture the connection with your child. We believe that significant milestones and transitions such as moving house, changing family dynamics or simply going to 'big school', can be just as challenging and daunting to parents as it is for young people.  

Taking place in a supportive, small-group environment, the sessions will utilise Tom and Rebecca's extensive knowledge of facilitation and delivery to be an engaging and interactive experience. We will encourage you to try things out, break cycles, listen to each other and hopefully enjoy a few laughs along the way.


Some of the topics covered include:​

  • The impact of the developing brain on behaviours, emotional regulation and peer relationships.

  • The power of active listening in supporting your child’s emotional development – to create the strong connections and communication channels before the more challenging older years.

  • Understanding the underlying emotional basis for children’s behaviour, allowing you to support your child in developing strong emotional awareness and regulation: the foundations for making healthy future choices about actions and relationships.

  • Understanding the origins and manifestations of stress & anxiety to support positive mental health & wellbeing.

  • An introduction to coping strategies to aid emotional regulation and positive mental health.

  • Building & maintaining a deep connection with your children.

  • Punishment vs. Discipline? 

Originally designed in response to feedback from parents whose children were building towards transitioning into secondary school, the course is purposefully kept open to all primary age parents. This is due to the fact that many of the topics we cover apply to parents and children - no matter what their age.


From a professional perspective, the earlier parents receive the support to embed positive practices and approaches into their lives, the better! Prevention is nearly always better than a cure.


  • Length: Six, 75 minute sessions, one evening a week. Includes an optional 30 minute 1:1 session with one of the team.

  • Where: Online meets.

  • Cost: £150 (bursary places may be available in certain circumstances so please talk to us).

  • Who: Come as a couple, come solo, bring your cat...we're pretty relaxed!


Whether you've already signed up to a course or are teetering on the edge, we offer an introductory session before the course where can answer any of questions and give you more information about the course. Please pop your email in the box on this page and we will be in touch!

This powerful and thought-provoking course has been co-designed by MINDmatter's Tom Beetham, and Rebecca Jones. More about Tom can be found under the 'Who' section of this website.


Rebecca currently balances her work as a Wellbeing Mentor & Lead at a Sixth Form multi-academy trust with an insatiable thirst for learning. Among other things, she is a training Mindfulness Teacher, Forest Bathing Practitioner, and is currently working towards her Level 4 Counselling Diploma, Level 3 in Child Psychology and Level 2 Certificate in Children's Mental Health (she's a busy bee!).


Rebecca is a mother of two and, in another life, worked for the NHS before making her passion for young peoples' mental health her full-time work. Check Instagram to follow her rambles through nature, mindfulness & wellbeing.

“I really enjoyed talking to Rebecca; it was really helpful.”

~ Yr6 Pupil


“She went into school this morning and seemed much happier. I really appreciate your session with her, thank you.”

~ Parent