Hi. I’m Tom and I am happy. Most of the time.


Everyone has an opinion on happiness and what it constitutes: a great job; more ‘likes’; lots of money; no money; a dog; a run in the rain; a car that starts in the morning – I’ve heard them all. Someone far more prosaic than I once said that happiness is having ‘something to occupy your time, something to strive for and someone to love’, and I quite like that.


However, in my experience, happiness doesn’t just materialise nor will it stick around if you’re not prepared to invest in it, and by de facto, yourself. Consistent happiness is in many ways a transient idea. There are highs and there are lows, but, by aiming to ride the highs and not get swamped by the lows, you’re getting somewhere.

In what often feels an increasingly busy yet isolated, social yet shallow world, I believe happiness requires more thought and consideration than ever before. We increasingly spend our time reminiscing about good times long-gone, ‘living for the weekend’ or worrying about the next crucial turn our lives are going to take. To create true value and purpose it is hugely important to fill in the space of the now, of the present moment, as it’s the one that matters the most.  

Personally, I have lived the highs and experienced love and loss. I’ve succeeded and I’ve failed in equal measure, and one conclusion I’ve come to is that we are all capable of happiness. We are all capable of leading lives that fulfil and allow us to grow, develop and achieve. My aim is to discover, to uncover that capability. To direct it, to facilitate it and actively encourage young people to harness and exploit their often-hidden, inner potential.


  • Qualified Coach (MOE)

  • Parenting Coaching training (AC)

  • Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills

  • Mental Health First Aider (MHFA)

  • Lowland Leader (MTA); DofE Manager, Supervisor & Assessor​

  • Four years working in pastoral, teaching and sporting roles

  • Co-developer of 'Mind + Movement' programme which has been delivered to young people in both school and care settings. 

  • PGCE + QTS (University of Sussex & Teach Southeast)

  • History and Politics BA (University of York)

  • County-level hockey and squash player

  • Keen cyclist and regular Hampton Lido swimmer

  • Failed musician



I also do freelance work in the outdoors and DofE expedition sector with a number of providers. If you want to learn more about this, as well as cast your eyes over my blog posts about whatever irks or appeals to me, please email me or visit