Wellbeing coaching has never been more valuable and more necessary within society. Along with the very well reported impacts of social media and self-image, there are a number of other factors that contribute to this importance. Young people are now growing up in an increasingly polarised world - a world where the ‘have nots’ are painfully aware of how their existence is different from the lifestyle they aspire to. The background to their youth is one where the things once taken for granted: a house, a stable job, an environmentally sound future, a debt-free existence, are seemingly unattainable.

Factor in a stressful education system that places a premium on success in arbitrary examinations taken all in one go during the most emotionally turbulent period in your life; and parents increasingly distracted by intrusive working hours, financial concerns and the very technology they berate they children for using and abusing…the factors behind a decline in young peoples’ wellbeing are clear to see. 

"My son had a great coaching and activity day with Tom this half-term. He really enjoyed the activities which pushed him to try new things and develop new skills, he loved the cooking! From my point of view, it was great to find an age-appropriate service to make sure he makes the most of his holidays, and to hear about his goal setting and self-reflection that Tom delivers in an engaging and fun way. My son came home from his day full of enthusiasm about the things he had done and about the time that he spent with Tom. We will definitely book another day in."

Tracey from Berkshire



  • Provide clear and achievable paths to individual happiness and fulfilment.

  • Enhance young people's ability to manage anxiety.

  • Re-connecting with the natural world. Restoring curiosity and wonder to its rightful place.

  • Improve young people's ability to focus, inside the classroom and out.

  • Boost pro-social behaviour and emotional resilience.

This is achieved through an action plan designed and unique to each client or set of individuals.



Providing a service that treats wellbeing as a holistic experience rather than a tick box exercise. I will integrate a number of different activities, strategies and environments to ensure that a young person’s wellbeing journey is as fulfilling and sustainable as possible. This will leave with a number of paths to fulfilment and the awareness to recognise what is needed in the situation.


One of my core beliefs with the wellbeing and mentoring of young people  is that there is no ‘one size fits all’ method. As is the case in a classroom, it is vitally important to cater for a variety of different abilities to allow all to make progress. With MINDmatter your child or students will get a programme designed with their needs, desires and outcomes in mind. 



I have years of experience working with young people in a variety of different environments and school-settings, both in the UK and abroad. Whether it’s motivating a  Year 7 to focus on building positive relationships in their new environment , cajoling a Year 9 up a hill on the North Downs or giving a struggling Year 11 the self-confidence and strategies to best tackle their GCSEs – I’ve been there.



the average maximum waiting time for a first appointment with CAMHS is 26 weeks, and 42 weeks
until the start of treatment